Large-format Printing

MIT Copytech's large-format printing is equipped to print poster sizes larger than 13"x19". From PDF files you provide through our online submission site, our large-format color printer produces high-quality, full-color posters up to 54” in width by nearly any length. Our house stocks are an Endura Satin finish, 10ml. paper and a Print & Stick (Removable) Paper. MIT Copytech can order from a wide range of large format media per requests.

For a finishing touch, foam core mounting and lamination are available for posters up to 36” x 48” in size.

As with any printed product, be sure to prepare a high resolution PDF for large-format jobs to ensure maximum quality output. 

Turnaround time is within 1-2 business days. 


Large-format color printing

HP Latex 360 - 60" eight-color Inkjet printer. 
House Paper / Endura Satin finish paper, 10ml. (maximum width 60")$7.00/square foot          
Print & Stick (Removable) Paper (maximum width 60")$8.00/square foot
Polyester Canvas scrim, gloss white (suitable for banners, maximum width 30")$10.00/square foot


Post-production services

Mounting on 3/8" foam core (maximum size is 36" x 48")$3.00/square foot         
Large-format laminating (maximum width is 48")$3.00/square foot