File Guidelines and Design Tips

There are three steps to creating attractive and effective Infinite Display messages:

1. Set up your document.

Infinite Display's projectors and flat-panel displays have widescreen dimensions similar to the HDTV images you've seen on TV. Widescreen displays give you plenty of screen space to design your messages, and we highly recommend that the files you submit to Infinite Display take advantage of widescreen proportions. These proportions are often referred to as the 16:9 aspect ratio, which describes the width-to-height ratio of the document.

Infinite Display templates

Download one of the .zip files below then open it on your computer to reveal the original file.

 PowerpointKeynote  Illustrator Photoshop InDesign

If you'd like to set up a document in Microsoft Powerpoint, instead of using a template, take
a look at these instructions for creating widescreen documents with Microsoft Powerpoint.

2. Design your message.

When designing your submission, keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Before creating your post, review MIT's graphic identity standards. If you are including the MIT logo in your design,
    note that it may not be used as text (in place of the letters "MIT") and cannot be combined with a group's own logo.
    Contact Communication Production Services if you have any questions about using the MIT logo. 
  • Critical information (titles, dates, times, locations, etc.) should be the most prominent elements of your design.
  • Your message should include a clear call to action, for example: "Apply now at..." "Join us at..." "Visit our website at..." "Buy tickets at..."
  • Keep within 6-8 lines of text.
  • Make your ads colorful and vibrant without sacrificing readability and contrast.
  • Take a step away from your computer screen and look at your design from a distance. Does it still look right? Can you read the critical information? 

3. Save and submit your file.

  • Infinite Display only accepts PNG and JPEG files. We prefer PNG files, as they do not distort your text and images as much as JPEG compression. If we receive a file in a format other than PNG or JPEG, we will not be able to complete your order and you will have to submit another file.
  • For additional help, take a look at these instructions for creating widescreen documents in common applications. 
  • Remember the location where you saved the file. You will need to browse to this location when you submit your file to Infinite Display.

We can print, too.

Since designing for widescreen displays is similar to designing for prints with a landscape orientation, there's a good chance you can save yourself some extra work and use the same design for both. MIT Copytech staff can assist you with designing your graphics for many formats and media. When submitting your files to Infinite Display, select “yes” when asked if you would like to have someone contact you for assistance with printing your message.