Copier/Printer Management Programs

MIT Copytech, in collaboration with the Office of Procurement, negotiates and monitors vendor performance in terms of pricing and services provided for multifunction devices.

We initiated these copier and printer management programs to assist departments, labs and centers that might not be in a position to acquire and/or administer mid- to high-level volume copiers. Depending on your department’s copy needs, you can lease a copier that MIT Copytech has purchased, arrange access to a copier administered by MIT Copytech or take advantage of the Library Copier Program. Through the Athena Printing Program, you have access to printers for which MIT Copytech maintains all hardware and supplies.

Lease With Services program

This program is a one-stop-shop to acquire a suitable multifunction device for departmental use. MIT Copytech will search
for the right model and price based on departmental requirements and customize a price plan to support all aspects of device management. Agreements are typically for three years, with a reduction in cost beginning at year four. All costs are revealed to you.

Services include:

  • Negotiations with vendors for new equipment
  • Determination of trade-in value of obsolete equipment
  • Purchasing of the device
  • Scheduling of delivery, setup and training
  • Acting as intermediary for network setup and support
  • Routine monitoring of supplies and device performance
  • Management of all invoicing associated with the device
  • Customized monthly internal billing to single or multiple user cost object assignments through SAP

As of January 2021, over 100 departments are enrolled in the program utilizing around 300 devices across campus.

For help, contact the Institute Copier Program at

For more information contact: Ryan Haggerty / Manager of the Institute Copier Programs / / 617-324-3361.

Lease to Own program

This program is an option for departments to acquire a device without the typical strings attached by third-party leasing companies (e.g., buyout costs, interest payments, late-fee payments and end-of-life return fees).

MIT Copytech will:

  • Provide device options to you
  • Structure a three-year arrangement with you
  • Purchase the device
  • Arrange and accept delivery
  • Pay all invoices for purchase and service contracts throughout the term
  • Bill you monthly for these costs with a small overhead fee
  • Relinquish ownership of equipment to you at the end of the term, or you can continue to rent at a reduced rate

As of October 2016, 19 departments are enrolled in the program, utilizing 27 devices.

Athena Printing Program management

MIT Copytech collaborates with Information Services & Technology and MIT TechCASH to provide an efficient and environmentally sound approach to the Athena Printing Program.

Utilizing Pharos card swipe technology, a student releases a print job to a hold queue. This print job is held until the print is released at the printer of their choosing. This hold-and-release method reduces paper and toner waste. There are 62 of these printers in Athena clusters and student residence halls across campus.

MIT Copytech provides the equipment, supplies and support to the devices. IS&T provides network support, and the TechCASH Office supplies ID card distribution and support.

This service is predominately used by MIT students, but anyone with an MIT Kerberos identity may register to use these workstations and printers. 

MIT has added Mobile Print to its Pharos Athena Printers, and jobs can be submitted to

For help with Athena clusters (printers):

For help with Athena network problems:

For more information, visit the IS&T Knowledge Base.