Online Printing Quick Start

To get started just Log in and go

Enter your MIT provided Athena/Kerberos User ID and Password in the Login box of our online printing system home page.

If you are a first time user, after clicking Login you will be asked to provide very basic contact information on a registration page. Following registration you will directed to the Printing Made Easy page where you can upload your print files and get your job into production. Simply go to the Upload A File box and browse to navigate to your file(s). A print-optimized, high resolutiuon pdf is the best file type to submit. See the GettingStarted pdf for more detailed information about how to create a pdf from your source document.

Browser compatibility
MIT Copytech’s online printing system supports most browsers, but you will have to enable cookies in your browser preference settings to utilize all of the system’s features. Cookies are small files the system writes to your browser that store information about your account.